For a match to be considered a tournament it has to have more than 4 members and a podium. There are many complications in tournamentary pen fighting since it has many rules due to its hoped internationality.


Main article: Rules of Pen-fighting

  • A match can be classified a tournament only if it has more than 4 competitors and a tournamentary table. Responsibilities of keeping track of medals, scores and standings must be given to the committee or the organizer.
  • Only 3 defenses are allowed.
  • First touch falls aren't allowed.
  • Players get their turns in order of their standing positions.
  • When more than one pens, which are in the podium, fall, a tie-breaker is played to decide who'll be the podium-holder.
  • The pens have to be certified by the cimmittee before it's used in a match.
  • In case of some pens, special allownaces can be made but opponents get benefits while hitting them. The benefits are to be decided by the committee.
  • When some pens are of extraordinary weight or strength is used, alliances between opponents are allowed.
  • Wiper attacks are normally not allowed but can be added as a benefit against a pen of special allowance.
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