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The following are the rules of pen-fighting in various forms. Please note that these are only rules made by people who like the game and is not official.


  • The match can be either of 5 or 10 points.
  • The one who'll attain the decided points first will be the winner.
  • When the number of players is 2, when both the pens fall, both players losses 1 point each.
  • Each others' pens have to be certified by the players.
  • Whether one touch attack's allowed is to be decided among the players.

Heavy MetalEdit

  • There are no rules except some of the ones mentioned above. (1, 2 and 3)

And we can play with 2 hands The pen should not be very heavy TIPS

  • Touch your pen to simply skip your chance and stay away from all the players .
  • drag shorts should not be used in pen fight.

When you lose a match, if it this rule was specifically mentioned, then you will have to give the pen away, or throw the pen away. It's better to use the unusable pen for what pens are made for. (I.E Writing!)


  • A match can be classified a tournament only if it has more than 4 competitors and a tournamentary table. Responsibilities of keeping track of medals, scores and standings must be given to the committee or the organizer.
  • First touch falls aren't allowed.
  • Players get their turns in order of their standing positions.
  • When more than one pens, which are in the podium, fall, the one who has attacked will get the rank.
  • The pens have to be certified by the committee before it's used in a match.
  • In case of some pens, special allowances can be made but opponents get benefits while hitting them. The benefits are to be decided by the committee.
  • When some pens are of extraordinary weight or strength is used, alliances between opponents are allowed.
  • Wiper attacks are normally not allowed but can be added as a benefit against a pen of special allowance.
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