Pen 3
Heavy metal pen fighting is a type of normal match but in it, more than one pens can be fused with each other by rubber bands or grips. Tournaments cannot be played in heavy metal. Normal pens cannot be allowed in these matches.

TIPS- Using a rubber grips upon Click-Pens boosts the defense, friction and rotational capacity significantly but decreases attack strength.

Using Use-And-Throw Pens against heavy, metallic pens is a very, very bad idea.

Adding a cap on either sides as brakes and "battering rams" is very useful against refillable ball pens. This ensures a good balance between weight and attack power with Use-And-Throw and Click-Pens.


Main article: Rules of Pen-fighting

  • The match can be either of 5 or 10 points.
  • The one who'll attain the decided points first will be the winner.
  • When the number of players is 2, when both the pens fall, both players get 1 point each.
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